u::Lux Switch KNX-TP

  • KNX-TP connection for easiest integration into the KNX-system
  • high resolution colour graphic display
  • configurable directly in the ETS without plug-in
  • no additional components are required
  • 4 keys (illuminated with RGB-LEDs)
  • combinable with most standard 55x55mm frame systems
  • proximity sensor (contactless activation when approaching)
  • brightness sensor
  • define up to 30 pages with functions
    5 functional groups with 6 pages each
    (light/shading/value encoder/state display/scenes)
  • choose from 3 different icon libraries
  • standard colours: white, anthracite, black

    Further information:

    u::Lux Switch KNX-TP Manual

    Download u::Lux ETS database
    The u::Lux ETS-database requires minimum ETS version 5.5.2 (free update from ETS Version 5.0 at www.KNX.org).
    u::Lux ETS database

    Download u::Lux ETS test project
    u::Lux ETS test project

    Download ETS

    ETS Software

    u::Lux ETS database tutorial videos
    Tutorial Videos

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u::Lux extension modules

You can combine the u::Lux Switch KNX-TP with optional AddOns for the measurement of temperature and air humidity or a motion detector and a digital input module. (delivery without frame)

AddOn IN2

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