Tips and Tricks

u::Lux stands upside down - improve the display brightness

The optimum view and operation of the u::Lux Switch's user interface depends primarily on two factors:

  • the correct mounting height
  • the correct alignment of the u::Lux Switch

Usually, room control units should be mounted to the wall at a height of 1,45 m. Also u::Lux gives this clear recommendation - the mentioned mounting height ensures the optimum view-ability of the user interface on the colour graphic display of your u::Lux Switch.

Well, what can be done if for structural reasons the height of 1,45 m can’t be achieved? Maybe because you want to insert the u::Lux Switch into already existing lower standard switch outlets? Or because also children should be able to reach the device?
In this case the viewer looks down to the display at a too steep angle and the user interface may seem too dark. Fortunately, there is a simple trick to make your display content brighter:


Simply insert the u::Lux Switch into the switch outlet rotated by 180°. Now the four slots on both sides are ABOVE the display and no longer BELOW.


Then in the "u::Lux Config" please select the relevant switch or the design, click on "Settings" on the right and mark the option "Rotate screen 180°" with "Yes".

If you use the control of one of our partners, you'll do the adjustment directly through the respective configuration software.

You will see - this will improve the view-ability of your user interface in no time.

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