The smart home standard digitalSTROM stands for a holistic networking concept for building technology, household appliances, home electronics and assistance systems. The digitalSTROM platform that is independent of manufacturer ensures that all devices can be controlled by software, effectively cooperate and become increasingly intelligent. Analogue devices such as lights, blinds and switches are digitalized with the aid of digitalSTROM switches and networked with one another via the existing power line and with the web. digitalSTROM is thus suitable for both existing and new buildings. Devices networked via WLAN or LAN can also be quickly and easily integrated into the platform thanks to the convenient dSS IP server via the open IP interfaces. digitalSTROM services such as voice control and automation are thus available immediately and for everyone.
digitalSTROM is a fast-growing ecosystem of appliance makers and service suppliers that offer their products from various domains on the smart home platform. With its modular expandability, digitalSTROM provides great flexibility: just a single networked appliance suffices to use the full capability of the platform. The home can thus be flexibly designed and adapted at any time to meet changing life situations and individual requirements.

digitalSTROM and u::Lux:
digitalSTROM communicates via existing power lines and the system automatically  detects and integrates all connected network components. For commissioning the room controller only needs to be connected to the 230V-lines with 2 wires. The 55mm x 55mm large device can be installed in a regular flush-mounted box.

Immediately after installation, the u::Lux Switch dS is able to operate temperature, lighting moods, shading, multimedia, scenes and more. The room controller has four freely configurable keys which show through RGB LEDs their respective allocated functional area. Different applications can be assigned to the keys and indicated on the high-resolution colour graphic display, depending on the type of living area and purposes. Through the digitalSTROM-app users have the possibility to create their own favourites on the main page. Several icon libraries with different designs are available. If desired, the room controller shows even in standby mode information such as weather forecasts or user defined actions. Standard features of the u::Lux Switch dS are the integrated proximity and brightness sensor which ensure the activation of the display whenever anyone approaches. Furthermore, through acoustic signals the device is able to indicate alarms, the doorbell or other defined events. If required, the u::Lux Switch dS can be easily extended with a motion detector and different modules for the measurement of temperature, air humidity or the CO2 content.

Video u::Lux Switch dS

Mounting/Configuration & FAQ

Please find here further information regarding networking with the Smart Home platform digitalSTROM:

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