u::Lux Switch dS


Mounting is done in the corresponding switch box of the power circuit. Permissible ambient temperature  and device-specific installation instructions shall be taken into account! The u::Lux NetLink dS is delivered in a pre-installed metal assembly frame. The device fits into a 50mm flush-mounting where it has to be fixed (screwed tightly) with the metal assembly frame. Before mounting, please ensure that the used flush-mountings are vertical and flat (plane) to the wall. For the electrical connection only L (phase) and N (neutral) is needed. After the electrical connection and after switching on the power supply the device automatically logs on to the so-called digitalSTROM Meter in the power distribution panel. Then the device is immediately ready for use. Through the digitalSTROM u::Lux App the u::Lux Switch dS can be configured according to the requirements of the user.

Please find a detailed instruction for mounting and commissioning  in our dS Manual.

u::Lux Switch dS Manual


The new dS server-app ‘u::Lux-Configurator’ allows the user to configure the room control unit and to customize the display to the personal needs. In addition to the convenient operation of the digitalSTROM installation and the measurement of brightness, different expansion modules also allow the measurement of temperature, humidity, CO2 or detection of motion. These sensors can be configured for climate- and lighting control in the room.

The app allows you to configure the following functions:

  • Configure tiles to control all color groups available in digitalSTROM.
  • Operation of several rooms from one control panel.
  • Configure a joker button on a tile for different actions. The buttons are defined in the 'u::Lux-Configurator' App, while the corresponding action must be configured within the server-app ‘Event Responder'.
  • Make general settings such as night mode, screensaver and screen design.
  • Configure behavior for events such as fire, panic, alarms, door-bell and presence / absence.
  • Single-function tiles - Configure individual functions on a tile, for example you can directly call a specific scenario within a room.
  • Calibration of the temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Reset all settings to factory settings.

To configure the devices, the ‘u::Lux-Configurator’ app must be installed on the digitalSTROM-Server. The installed room control units will be detected automatically.
This integration is available on the dSS20/22, dSS-IP and the dSS11-E.
The dSS11-1GB does not support this feature.


Risk of death! Touching the electrical house installation (230 V AC) can result in death or severe burns. Before installing this device, disconnect all supply lines and check that there is no voltage. Avoid switching on the voltage by a third party.
Only qualified personnel may install and commission the device. Country-specific regulations must be observed. The device may only be used in dry and confined areas and not for direct or indi
rect health or life-saving purposes or for purposes in which failure of the device may result in danger to persons, animals or property. Observe the planning and installation instructions in the digitalSTROM Installation Manual for installation and commissioning


The dimensions of u::Lux comply with the so-called 55mm grid system.
Suitable frames for these dimensions are available from many well-known manufacturers. Numerous materials are available, including plastic, acrylic glass, glass, metal, wood and some others. Features such as colour, shape and protrusion from the frame are a matter of personal taste. We therefore recommend examining the visual appearance with one frame and then make your decision. In the download area at
www.u-lux.com/coverFrames.en you will find a list of frames used for different projects in our vicinity. This list is without claim to completeness! Please find here an overview for a first visual impression.
For our Swiss customers: Our Swiss distributor
Asera AG and our retailer partner Smarthome SPS GmbH offer the u::Lux Switch dS with suitable cover frames for the Feller EDIZIOdue design.

No, the u::Lux Switch dS is developed directly for the digitalSTROM system. The required dS functionality is integrated through dS Tiny technology directly in the u::Lux Switch.

The u::Lux Switch dS is connected directly to the 230V lines.

Unfortunately an integrated temperature sensor is not possible. The self-warming of the display would lead to incorrect measured values.

The following u::Lux AddOns are available as set with the u::Lux Switch dS:

Air humidity+temperature measurement (RH+TEMP)
Motion detector+air humidity+temperature measurement (MD+RH+TEMP)
CO2+air humidity+temperature measurement (CO2+RH+TEMP)

Yes, the u::Lux Switch dS provides room & area push-button features with various moods.

dSS11 (with SD-card): NO
dSS11-1GB: NO
dSS11-E: YES
dSS20: YES
dSS22: YES

Basically, individual icons are only possible in large-scale projects at extra charge.

To define a user defined action you can create a joker tile and then combine the joker activity in the scene responder app with the desired action.

The device is able to represent up to 8 single devices in the digitalSTROM system. That means the assignment of functions/tiles to single devices is relatively dynamically and depends on how many different rooms and colours the device shall address. There is not a fixed limit on a concrete number of configurable tiles, it depends on what else has been defined.

The sounds on the u::Lux Switch dS are predefined and can't be changed. But alarms 1 - 4 of the digitalSTROM system can be used to signal certain things also on the u::Lux Switch dS. 

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