The integration of the u::Lux Switch into the DOMIQ solution, allows controlling all devices and variables available in the DOMIQ system. u::Lux is now an additional way to control the DOMIQ system right after the native DOMIQ/Remote app (application for mobile devices) and DOMIQ/AirDisplay (app for desktop computers). The DOMIQ system offers huge potential for home automation integration and it’s used in a variety of applications, from small homes to office buildings and skyscrapers. Now u::Lux Switches can control all of those devices and subsystems of a smart home installation:

  • LCN
  • Satel Intrusion Detection System
  • DMX-512
  • BACnet
  • DALI
  • RS-232/485
  • PLC
  • multiroom audio (for example SONOS, NuVo)
  • TV and audio amplifiers
  • any devices over TCP or UDP protocols and many other parts of a smart home installation.

Due to the integration into DOMIQ, u::Lux Switches can be used to control:

  • lights (with dimming)
  • light scenes
  • heating
  • ventilation
  • air conditioning
  • shutters
  • audio and TV
  • timers and other logical rules in the DOMIQ system.

Another nice function: In the DOMIQ system it is possible to distinguish short and long key press. This feature is very helpful for light dimming.
The integration into the DOMIQ solution also allows controlling some features of a single u::Lux Switch or all switches at once: turning screensaver on/off, switching the displayed page, playing a given sound, displaying any text on a screen, controlling LEDs, setting speaker volume…

The integration is very easy. u::Lux Switches are automatically detected by the DOMIQ system when they are connected to the LAN. The installer just needs to create assignments of u::Lux actors to the devices’ identifiers in the DOMIQ system, which is done using the DOMIQ/configurator (free of charge application built-in in the DOMIQ/Base module - the brain of the system). After that the DOMIQ system is ready to work with the u::Lux Switches. In u::Lux Config you create the u::Lux Switch design.
The communication between u::Lux and DOMIQ is bidirectional, which means that any changes of state of controlled devices/variables in DOMIQ are immediately sent to u::Lux in order to synchronize state presented on the screens of the switches.
So far DOMIQ added full support of the u::Lux UMP protocol except video support and remote audio playback. (DOMIQ plans to add these features in the future).

Manual u::Lux Domiq

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