The PLC Library is a software package for programmable logic controllers (PLC). It is responsible for data exchange with the u::Lux Switches. Currently there are two different libraries.

The libraries provide functional modules for the developers which are used to control the u::Lux components . u::Lux Config can be be prompted to create a list of constants and variables via the project properties. This file is then integrated into the PLC programming environment (TwinCAT PLC Control).

Simple basic examples for the use of the libraries and the documentation are enclosed in u::Lux Config.


u::Lux closely cooperates with Beckhoff. The German company Beckhoff is one of the largest manufacturers of PLC control systems. We recommend the use of Beckhoff bus clamps. Proven industrial quality at a low price!

We recommend the Beckhoff u::Lux library to international companies.
We recommend the ABM u::Lux Library to new customers and medium-sized companies.

Important note: You need the supplement TCP/IP Server or TCP/IP Server CE.

ABM u::Lux Library

Together with our partner ABM automation building messaging gmbh we have created the ABM u::Lux Bibliothek . You can receive this library and corresponding documentation directly from us. If you register in the field below, you will receive the download link  by email. Your email address will not be forwarded to third persons!

Registration for ABM u::Lux Library

Beckhoff u::Lux Library

The Beckhoff uLux Library has been created in cooperatoin with Beckhoff. You will receive this library directly from Beckhoff Austria. Please contact Mr. Christian Henke who has developed this library by telephone: +43/5552/6881328, Email: c.henke (at)

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