u::Lux Switch RJ45

The u::Lux Switch RJ45 is an innovative operating and display device that is ideal for smart solutions in the areas of mechatronics, measurement/control/regulation technology and building automation. It consists of an upper part (display/control panel) and a lower part (for connection via RJ45 socket and the option of line cabling). The IP-capable u::Lux Switch RJ45 is connected to the controller via Ethernet. Click here for our control partners. With its ability to operate several u::Lux Switches on one Ethernet line, it is outside of the PoE specification. It therefore usually requires its own component for feeding in the energy (=u::Lux NetInj Power or u::Lux NetCon Power or comparable devices). The u::Lux Switch offers incomparable additional benefits by being able to deactivate itself when not in use or to display valuable additional information. It also recognizes when someone approaches the switch, reactivates itself automatically and displays its defined operating menu. The exterior of the u::Lux switch is changeable and can be combined with many frame programs (system 55x55mm) from different manufacturers. The u::Lux Switch is currently available in white, anthracite and black.

  • easy connection via Ethernet-RJ45 ports
  • high resolution colour graphic display
  • proximity sensor (contactless activation when approaching)
  • loud speaker
  • brightness sensor
  • combinable with most standard 55x55mm cover frame systems
  • 4 keys (illuminated with RGB-LEDs)
  • standard colours: white, anthracite, black

Energy supply through: NetCon Power or NetInj Power

Further information: u::Lux Switch RJ45 Manual

uLux Switch with AddOns

u::Lux extension modules

You can combine the u::Lux Switch RJ45 with optional AddOns for the measurement of temperature/air humidity/CO2 or a motion detector and a digital input module. (delivery without frame)

AddOn Multisensor
AddOn IN2

The assembly of the u::Lux AddOns is always done near a u::Lux Switch. The best results have been achieved with the use of two single-flushmountings assembled below each other or one double-flush-mounting in which the u::Lux Switch with the u::Lux AddOn is mounted and a double frame is attached. The u::Lux AddOn is connected to the u::Lux NetLink with the supplied cable (approx. 25cm). Assembly instruction

Use your own icons for the u::Lux Switch IP!

A clear advantage of the u::Lux Switch IP is the possibility to use your own icons if required and thus easily fulfill customer-specific design requests. e.g. logos and icons in the style and colors of the client's corporate design. There are no limits to creativity here….

But what do we actually mean by creativity?

This is best explained with concrete examples. That's why we quickly created another u::Lux icon library called "Creative Style" for our u::Lux IP users. 
With this we are now providing more entertainment in the rather "functional" world of room control. In the future you will find it difficult to stop yourself from smiling when using our new icon design for operating your lighting, shading, heating, etc..

In the following video we show you a few impressions of our smart little entertainer unit and what’s possible with it.

Room control can be fun! Be inspired!


Need more inspiration? 

How about a real eye-catcher as a screensaver? 
Since we still had some creativity left, we designed 2 attractive screensavers to show what’s possible with our u::Lux Switch IP.

As said above, creativity and limits? Not with the u::Lux Switch IP!


From now on the library "Creative Style" is part of the u::Lux Config Setup. Download here.

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