Tutorial Videos (Engl. subtitles)

Get to know the functioning of the u::Lux Switch with our free tutorial videos. Just activate the ENGLISH SUBTITLES. Enjoy our videos!

u::Lux ETS database

Configure the u::Lux Switch KNX-TP in the u::Lux ETS database simply and conveniently directly in the ETS. A plugin is not required.

Tutorial 01

First steps and basic settings. Short and easy to understand introduction into the u::Lux ETS database. Step-by-Step introduction for the adjustment of basic settings of the u::Lux Switch.

Tutorial 02

Create menu structures. Configure step by step the user interface of the u::Lux Switch according to your personal needs and define function pages.

Tutorial 03

Assign functions: Switch and dim. Assign in four steps individual lighting functions to the u::Lux Switch, for a convenient and economical operation of the building equipment.

Tutorial 04

Assign functions: Shutters & Blinds. Three simple configuration steps for the operation of your shading elements adapted to your needs.

Tutorial 05

Assign functions: Value encoder. Use the u::Lux Switch as value encoder for your intelligent building technology - with only four simple configuration steps in the ETS. 

Tutorial 06

Assign functions: Scenes. You need only three steps and a few minutes to create and save scenes on the u::Lux Switch.

Tutorial 07

Assign functions: State display. With only three confiugrations steps you use the u::Lux Switch as display unit for temperature display, texts and much more. 

Tutorial 08

Proximity sensor & day/night mode. With this powerful combination on the u::Lux Switch you benefit from the possibility of an economical operation of the building control.

Tutorial 09

Motion detector & automatic function. Realise in the ETS in three quick steps for example a classical staircase light control for cost optimized building services.

u::Lux Config

With u::Lux Config you configure the u::Lux Switch RJ45 for Daisy-Chain wiring and the u::Lux Switch IDC for star wiring for use with standardised Ethernet-network technology. (Videos with English subtitles).

The Loxone control solution mentioned in the videos has not been supported since 2015 and is only used as an example.

Lesson 1

Overview: Get to know u::Lux Config better with this video. It guides you through the functions of u::Lux Config and explains the handling of the various functions.

Lesson 2

Create your first project: This lesson shows how to create your first project.

Lesson 3

Changing a function: This lesson shows how to change a function of the u::Lux Switch.

Lesson 4

Assignmentwizard - detect your u::Lux Switch: In this tutorial we show you how to find your u::Lux Switches through the Assignmentwizard and how to assign the Switches to your project. Please enable subtitles.

Lesson 5

Assignmentwizard - reset your u::Lux Switch: In this video we show you how to delete the IP address of your u::Lux Switch and how to reset your switch to delivery status. Please enable subtitles.

Lesson 6

Proximity sensor - settings for sensitivity: If the display of your u::Lux Switch switches on randomly the sensitivity of the proximity sensor is too high. In this tutorial we show you how to adjust the settings. Please enable subtitles.

Lesson 7

Offset - Temperature and air humidity: The humidity or temperature Offset is required if the measured value from the u::Lux AddOn does not correspond to the real room climate value. This can happen if climate sensors are installed with improper distance to e.g. radiators. With the Offset function you adjust the value which is displayed on the u::Lux Switch. Please enable subtitles.

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