Ideas for Scenes

Whether office complex, hotel resort or detached house – user-defined scenes simplify and enrich the daily routine at home as well as the coordinated office life. Find here a little idea supplier:

Meetings and Presentations

Heat your meeting room timely to a pleasant room temperature, shut down the blinds, prepare the beamer and dim the light: u::Lux creates the ideal ambience for your meeting with only one click. Now you just have to give the presentation on your own.

Spa area

Attractive ambience and wonderful relaxing feel-good atmosphere in the entire spa area.
With different user-defined scenes the well-deserved rest succeeds at the push of a button – flexible and easy to operate.

Gentle Wake-up

Gone are the times when the shrill sound of the alarm clock let us fall out of the bed! With u::Lux you start the day as smoothly as you like: If it’s already bright outside the blinds open step by step. Or is it still dark outside? Then the u::Lux Switch wakes you up with dimmed light and soft background music. And while your bathroom is at a pleasant temperature, the coffee machine does its duty in the kitchen. This is what we call a natural awakening with your personalised waking up scene on the u::Lux Switch.

Operating modes

In our highly networked world the differentiated dealing with technical possibilities is becoming increasingly important. The subdivision of home and building control technology into day or night mode, summer or winter operation reduces electric radiation and operating costs to a minimum. Especially in large building complexes with an enormous number of technical components the individual definable operating modes facilitate the daily management of all elements.

Weather and safety mode

Did you forget to close the windows when you left your house? Then a heavy rain shower can quickly cause unpleasant consequences. When you go out just activate the individual absence mode on your u::Lux Switch and prevent expensive long-term damages: connected to the local weather service and equipped with optional sensors all windows will automatically be closed in the event of rain. In case of wind or storm warnings all blinds are raised and the awning is retracted.  

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