Ideas for functions

u::Lux Switch as room controller

Whether office complex, hotel resort or detached house – you benefit from a wide range of practical and creative possibilities to operate your modern building technology. Find here a little idea supplier:

Alarm System

The u::Lux Switch with optional sensors and combined with your intelligent home control reliably protects your house! Use the video surveillance as well as the alarm function at the intelligent u::Lux Switch. The individual presence simulation will muck around with uninvited guests and ensures additional protection with automatically operated light, blinds, radio, TV or even garden irrigation. And if somebody should seek to obtain unauthorized entry you will be instantly informed via SMS or email while the u::Lux Switch will play an acoustic warning signal.

Even in case of a power failure you don’t need to worry – just connect your sensitive components and devices to an UPS – an uninterruptible power source.

Multimedia & Co

Gone are the days when you had to operate radio, TV, home cinema system and sound system with several different remote controls: Through the u::Lux Switch you control your home cinema and sound system easily and conveniently via the intuitive colour graphic display with four haptic keys. Play your desired music playlist, adjust the volume or the timer and much more directly on your switch.

Sauna and pool control

Comfortably operate your sauna and pool control with the intelligent u::Lux Switch. Thus you keep track of temperature, quality and height of water or instructive messages. Switch on or off at the push of a button, heat sauna and pool to a comfortable temperature or do further adjustments quickly and easily.

Garden Irrigation

Whether parks, public green spaces or the own little garden paradise: hedges, lawn and plants require a good deal of tending. Now you can manage the optimal garden irrigation with only one key stroke at the u::Lux Switch. Linked to the local meteorological service the switch can also automatically water the plants on particularly hot days.

Networked HVAC-technology

With the variable u::Lux system – the demand-oriented control of your intelligent heating- air conditioning- ventilation- and sanitary facilities – you will benefit the high savings potential of every property. Whether detached house, residential complex or skyscraper – thanks to the energy efficient operation of the building equipment you are able to reduce your operating costs.

Exterior Lighting

Whether parking space, garage door, entrance area or garden: Ensure a functional and demand-oriented lighting of the sidewalks and the entrance and put your outdoor area stylistically confident in scene.


Linked to the local meteorological service you operate your shading systems completely automatically: according to the position of the sun, brightness, outdoor temperature and weather conditions. Depending on the sunlight your blinds automatically ensure optimal shading while the heating regulates itself down protecting your wallet – because with these intelligent measures the air conditioning runs on a basic stage or can even be switched off completely.

Light Management

With the right lighting mood you support the concentration, motivation and commitment of your employees and provide a relaxed feel-good atmosphere inside your own four walls or in the exclusive spa of the hotel. Arouse and support these emotions with daylight-related light management through the u::Lux Switch. Colour temperature, dimmer and light intensity can be operated easily and intuitively. Intelligent light management also supports the reduction of operating costs.

u::Lux Switch as display unit

Whether office complex, hotel resort or detached house. Temperature, air humidity or the CO2 content of the air can be indicated on the display as well as personal messages or the latest traffic and weather news. Also fault and alarm messages can be signalled acoustically and visually. Find here a little idea supplier:

Personal Messages

Surprise your loved one with a little love message when she/he arrives at home and wants to switch on the light. Remind yourself of aunt Erna’s birthday. The individual possibilities for personal messages at the u::Lux Switch are nearly unlimited – and a practical little helper in everyday life.

Weather and traffic news

Linked to the local weather service your u::Lux Switch warns you directly on the display of dangerous black ice on the streets, tells you when to take an umbrella or shows the latest traffic information with congestion warnings.

Hotel - individual guest service

Welcome your guests in the hotel room by displaying their names on the u::Lux Switch or remind them of the booked massage appointment. Congratulate them on their anniversary or keep them up-to-date with the latest weather forecast: There where your guests have the first contact with the hotel room - the switch next to the door - you will remain in your guest's memory with this individual surprise. For that "extra portion of well-being" - because nothing is better than satisfied guests who like to come back again.

Fault and alarm messages

Connect your compact control- and display unit to your heating-, air conditioning, ventilation device or solar system - this pays off! Together with the appropriate control, the monitoring of your devices and the entire process flow has never been easier and clearer as with the u::Lux Switch. Measured values and alerts will be signalled visually and acoustically. Furthermore the ultra-modern switch offers the possibility to measure temperature, CO2 content or air humidity with powerful measuring sensors for which you can deposit individual settings.

u::Lux Switch for individual scenes

Whether office complex, hotel resort or detached house – user-defined scenes simplify and enrich the daily routine at home as well as the coordinated office life. Find here a little idea supplier:

Meetings and Presentations

Heat your meeting room timely to a pleasant room temperature, shut down the blinds, prepare the beamer and dim the light: u::Lux creates the ideal ambience for your meeting with only one click. Now you just have to give the presentation on your own.

Spa area

Attractive ambience and wonderful relaxing feel-good atmosphere in the entire spa area.
With different user-defined scenes the well-deserved rest succeeds at the push of a button – flexible and easy to operate.

Gentle wake-up

Gone are the times when the shrill sound of the alarm clock let us fall out of the bed! With u::Lux you start the day as smoothly as you like: If it’s already bright outside the blinds open step by step. Or is it still dark outside? Then the u::Lux Switch wakes you up with dimmed light and soft background music. And while your bathroom is at a pleasant temperature, the coffee machine does its duty in the kitchen. This is what we call a natural awakening with your personalised waking up scene on the u::Lux Switch.

Operating modes

In our highly networked world the differentiated dealing with technical possibilities is becoming increasingly important. The subdivision of home and building control technology into day or night mode, summer or winter operation reduces electric radiation and operating costs to a minimum. Especially in large building complexes with an enormous number of technical components the individual definable operating modes facilitate the daily management of all elements.

Weather and safety mode

Did you forget to close the windows when you left your house? Then a heavy rain shower can quickly cause unpleasant consequences. When you go out just activate the individual absence mode on your u::Lux Switch and prevent expensive long-term damages: connected to the local weather service and equipped with optional sensors all windows will automatically be closed in the event of rain. In case of wind or storm warnings all blinds are raised and the awning is retracted.  

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