With COMEXIO you get an extremely powerful and affordable solution for building automation. Say finally good-bye to isolated solutions in the field of building automation and opt for a cross-system concept for blinds, heating, light and much more.

Affordable and future-proof
The future-proof central cabling allows high flexibility and you can opt for conventional pushbuttons, sensors and actuators which provides you a significant price advantage.

The heart of the system
The IO-server, the heart of the system, is as the first of its kind fully browser-capable. That means that the software works with every browser-capable device, no additional software is required. The software, updates and the APP are inclusive.

Freely expandable
Thanks to the multiple extensions the COMEXIO-system is freely expandable by inputs, outputs or interfaces.

Comexio and the u::Lux Switch
The perfectly harmonized combination to control the heating, select light scenes or e.g. have the current energy consumption displayed and all this also without smartphone or tablet. The u::Lux Switch doesn’t only control but shows also for example the state of your shutters or blinds.


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