Suitable cover frames for u::Lux

Which frame fits the u::Lux Switch? This is a matter of personal taste.

The u::Lux Switch fits with its compact 55x55mm dimension in standard frames from many different manufacturers. We have put together an overview for you, which may help in the decision.

Here you get a first visual impression: 

The ultimate choice of the frame and the rest of the design of the electrical fittings, such as plug / network / telephone, etc., is a matter of personal taste. We recommend that you get a sample of the preferred frame and make the final decision on that basis.

Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to check all frames of all manufacturers for compatibility. If you use the u::Lux Switch with a frame, which does not occur in our selection, we would be pleased to receive a picture to expand our overview.

If any questions arise please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your u::Lux Team

u::Lux GmbH
Rechtes Salzachufer 42
5020 Salzburg
Tel.: +43/662/450351-0



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