Tutorial Videos (Engl. subtitles)

Get to know the functioning of the u::Lux Switch with our free tutorial videos. Just activate the ENGLISH SUBTITLES.
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Enjoy our videos!

u::Lux ETS database

Configure the u::Lux Switch KNX-TP in the u::Lux ETS database simply and conveniently directly in the ETS. A plugin is not required.

Tutorial 01

First steps and basic settings. Short and easy to understand introduction into the u::Lux ETS database. Step-by-Step introduction for the adjustment of basic settings of the u::Lux Switch.

Tutorial 02

Create menu structures. Configure step by step the user interface of the u::Lux Switch according to your personal needs and define function pages.

Tutorial 03

Assign functions: Switch and dim. Assign in four steps individual lighting functions to the u::Lux Switch, for a convenient and economical operation of the building equipment.

Tutorial 04

Assign functions: Shutters & Blinds. Three simple configuration steps for the operation of your shading elements adapted to your needs.

Tutorial 05

Assign functions: Value encoder. Use the u::Lux Switch as value encoder for your intelligent building technology - with only four simple configuration steps in the ETS. 

Tutorial 06

Assign functions: Scenes. You need only three steps and a few minutes to create and save scenes on the u::Lux Switch.

Tutorial 07

Assign functions: State display. With only three confiugrations steps you use the u::Lux Switch as display unit for temperature display, texts and much more. 

Tutorial 08

Proximity sensor & day/night mode. With this powerful combination on the u::Lux Switch you benefit from the possibility of an economical operation of the building control.

Tutorial 09

Motion detector & automatic function. Realise in the ETS in three quick steps for example a classical staircase light control for cost optimized building services.

u::Lux Config

With u::Lux Config you configure the u::Lux Switch RJ45 for Daisy-Chain wiring and the u::Lux Switch IDC for star wiring for use with standardised Ethernet-network technology. (Videos with English subtitles).

1st Lesson

Overview: Get to know u::Lux Config better with this video. It guides you through the functions of u::Lux Config and explains the handling of the various functions.

2nd Lesson

Create your first project: This lesson shows how to create your first project.

3rd Lesson

Changing a function: This lesson shows how to change a function of the u::Lux Switch.

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