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Questions and Answers

FAQs u::Lux IP

The u::Lux Switch is a universal, control- and display unit which can be freely designed. It offers completely new opportunities. The handling of the u::Lux is self-explanatory and freely designable, thanks to the possibility of free illustration on the display.

The u::Lux Switch communicates via Ethernet network connection with a control system (e.g. Beckhoff, Loxone).

The u::Lux Switch is provided with the following components to realise your ideas and visions:
* Freely designable graphic display
(all symbols of the used switching tasks can be freely defined in the operated and non-operated state and additional values, e.g. of the control system, can be displayed as a graphic or as a value)
* 100Mbit Ethernet RJ45 network connection
* 4 individual operation keys with freely definable performance
* 4 RGB LEDs under the keys, for an optical feedback through the keys
* Proximity function, to reactivate an u::Lux Switch from Standby mode and/or for hands-free operating of switching functions through the control system
* brightness sensor
* Loudspeaker, to play audio files (e.g. doorbell). Depending on the control system there are also announcement functions and intercom systems realisable.
* Microphone for announcements and intercom functions (depending on the control system)
* Communication and energy supply via network cable
* Extendable with additional sensor systems (is connected directly to the u::Lux Switch)
temperature-, humidity-/temperature-, proximity sensor with humidity-/temperature-, CO2-detector.

Based on the mentioned options and in combination with the available information from the control system there can be offered endless possibilities.

Find more information about the application of the u::Lux Switch combined with a Beckhoff Control on our website www.u-lux.com/beckhoff.en.

The dimensions of u::Lux comply with the so-called 55mm grid system.

Suitable frames for these dimensions are available from many well-known manufacturers. Numerous materials are available, including plastic, acrylic glass, glass, metal, wood and some others. Features such as colour, shape and protrusion from the frame are a matter of personal taste. We therefore recommend examining the visual appearance with one frame and then make your decision.

In the download area at www.u-lux.com/coverFrames.en you will find a list of frames used for different projects in our vicinity. This list is without claim to completeness!

Basically different standards are hidden behind the term "PoE" . For one of these standards the two free wire pairs in the network cable are used for power supply, u::Lux uses the same principle.
The u::Lux Switch RJ45 uses the above-named principle, but does not support a PoE standard because up to 10 switches can be wired in line/row. But there can be used so-called PoE injectors, which work with 48V and feed voltage. The ideal solution is the use of the u::Lux NetCon Power, u::Lux NetInj Power or the u::Lux NetInj Light Power. All products mentioned above are intended for the installation on a so-called top-hat rail in the junction box.
The u::Lux Switch IDC is compatible with the PoE-standard and it is used star-cabled through a traditional PoE-Switch which can supply devices of class 1. The connection with the network cable is made through an insulation-displacement contact (IDC) where no plug is attached, the cable is connected by a special Punch Down Tool for IDC directly in the patented ring with the so-called insulation displacement terminations.

Of course, all types of network cards are supported in u::Lux Config, including also WLAN adapters. For selecting the network a corresponding dialog is available in u::Lux Config (network selection under “tools”).

The software u::Lux Config is developed for Windows Systems. Apple computers can only be used if a Windows operating system (Windows XP or higher) is running on it. The u::Lux Config is neither compatible with Apple operating systems (e. g. OS X) nor with Linux.

This question has to be divided.

1. Audio format at the import to u::LuxConfig
Currently there can be used WAV files (only Mono, 16Bit resolution and 22050Hz sampling rate, PCM uncompressed) and any MP3 sound. u::Lux Config will automatically convert MP3 files to the internal audio format which is used by the u:Lux Switch. On the Internet you will find various freeware programs to convert files from almost any audio format to anyone of the formats mentioned above.

2. Audio format of the u:.Lux Switch
The u::Lux Switch supports only the audio format Mono, 16Bit resolution and 22050Hz sampling rate, PCM (uncompressed). This format is used for playing internally saved sounds but also for transferring audio files from one u::Lux Switch to another one.

FAQs u::Lux KNX-TP

To display umlauts and special characters on the u::Lux Switch KNX-TP you have to change the Codepage to “Western European (ISO 8859-1)” in the project properties of the ETS!

The KNX bus is very slow; an exchange of the icons would take too long. An exchange of the icons through the KNX bus is therefore not envisaged. But: In projects from approx. 100 pieces on also other icons can be inserted.

You can realise text messages through the function “state display” and there through “page type” – choose from the dropdown menu “text display”.

We comply with the standard KNX norms and are compatible with KNX interfaces of other control systems. KNX technology is a worldwide standard. With only 2 wires all devices are connected with each other, additionally you need a KNX power supply (incl. throttle).
The u::Lux Switch KNX is configured with our u::Lux ETS database in the ETS software (from version 5.5.2. on) (at www.knx.org you get the small version for free for up to 5 devices).

Information about how to integrate KNX devices into your control you get from your control manufacturer.

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