The new u::Lux Switch digitalSTROM

For commissioning the room controller only needs to be connected to the 230V-lines with 2 wires. Immediately after installation, the u::Lux Switch dS is able to operate temperature, lighting moods, shading, multimedia, scenes and more.

The room controller has four freely configurable keys which show through RGB LEDs their respective allocated functional area. Different applications can be assigned to the keys and indicated on the high-resolution colour graphic display, depending on the type of living area and purposes. Through the digitalSTROM-app users have the possibility to create their own favourites on the main page. If desired, the room controller shows even in standby mode information such as weather forecasts or the time. Standard features of the u::Lux Switch dS are the integrated proximity and brightness sensor which ensure the activation of the display whenever anyone approaches. Furthermore, through acoustic signals the device is able to indicate alarms, the doorbell or other defined events. If required, the u::Lux Switch dS can be easily extended with a motion detector and different modules for the measurement of temperature, air humidity or the CO2 content.

Currently, we are still in the beta testing-phase.

For all those who can’t wait to see the different design possibilities of the user interface of the u::Lux Switch dS – check out this video:

View video


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