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Almdorf St. Johann

The combination makes the difference: Flexible and individually usable room control meets high-quality equipment. What’s the result? It’s the new, luxury lifestyle chalet village in St. Johann/Pongau opened in 2014. The exclusive alpine village ideally combines tradition and modern spirit – charming flair in huts but with a Smart-Building solution which is optimally tuned to the needs of recreation-seeking guests. Here our u::Lux Switch shows its various possibilities for creative room control! It particularly scores with user-friendliness and visual elegance and it blends harmoniously into the overall concept of the eleven enchanting chalets. 

Implementing partner: Bro-Systems OG
Main applications:

Heating, whirlpool control, sauna control, Sonos control, WLAN control, TV-lift control, status displays etc.

Switches: 29 u::Lux Switches
Cover frames: Gira
Control: Loxone

Our implementation partner Anton Höllwart from Bro-Systems OG is impressed by the many possibilities which the u::Lux Switch offered already during the planning and implementation phase:

“For us, using the u::Lux Switch was crucial for the success of the project – because the u::Lux Switch was the decisive factor that the project could be implemented in a way as it was planned from the beginning on.”

“The individual programming of the u::Lux Switch allows the realization of every possible situation.”

“Currently there is no equivalent counterpart available on the market.”

“Actually, I don’t know what the switch can NOT do!”

“The compact design is great!”

"In my opinion the slogan should not be ,We have taught the switch to think.' It should rather be: ,The switch will teach you to think!”"


Villa Traunsee

This wonderful detached house with direct view to the lake Traunsee was newly built and equipped with modern building technology. Our intelligent room controller was chosen combined with a Beckhoff control.

Pictures: © Daniel Hawelka

Implementing partner: Stumpfl Elektro-Technik
Main applications:

Light, shading, pool, sauna, music - Sonos, front door...

Switches: 9 u::Lux Switches
Cover frames: Gira white
Control: Beckhoff

"We are impressed by the design and function of this ALL IN ONE operating unit."

"The u::Lux Switch is easy to operate."

"Everything works perfectly."

"We are entirely satisfied with this solution."


Internorm International GmbH

Internorm, a famous and well known window brand, is one of the largest international window manufacturers in Europe and one of the biggest innovative companies in Austria. For the renovation of the existing office building and construction of a new building at the company’s headquarters in Traun, Upper Austria, the latest energy concepts were combined into an overall solution with state-of-the-art office architecture and intelligent building automation. The decision was made in favor of the currently most innovative room control and display unit, the u::Lux Switch, which runs in this project in cooperation with a Beckhoff control. 

Implementing partner: ABM automation building messaging gmbh
Main applications:

presence, light, room temperature, cooling, shades, screen and beamer.

Switches: 139 u::Lux Switches , 103 u::Lux AddOn Temp
Cover frames: Gira E22
Control: Beckhoff

Image credits: Internorm/Godany

"u::Lux is a room control unit, which on the one hand is visually appealing and, above all, it’s able to convince with ideal handling" , according to Mag. Anette Klinger (Internorm co owner).

"I was surprised, that there is indeed a company, which doesn’t only communicate the idea of innovation through promotion, it actually lives it", tells Ing. Gerald Weixlbaum(project manager at ABM).

"We really appreciate the multifunctionality of the room control unit, the self-explanatory operation and also the free layouts", said Mario Winter (facility manager at Internorm).

"The several layers which can be freely configured impress me the most in the complete solution", said Mario Winter (facility manager at Internorm).

"One of the greatest benefits is, that rooms can be controlled by adapted users room profiles", said Mario Winter (facilitymManager at Internorm).

"This is exactly the flexibility which we were looking for in the field of automation ... and this is definitely what we need for future buildings", said Ing. Gerald Weixlbaum (project manager at ABM).


Bauunternehmung Dosch

„For us trade and quality simply belong together”, this is the company philosophy of Bauunternehmen Dosch. Since this year the traditional family business relies on an ultra-modern mix of technologies regarding its newly built company location incl. warehouse and outbuilding in Seefeld. 22 u::Lux Switches incl. temperature measuring sensors complement the comprehensive intelligent room automation from B-control in the entire building complex. A special attraction for Bavarian family-run companies: Being fully integrated into the system of B-control, the individual “Bavarian language use” guarantees for sure some smirks. 

Implementing partner: B-control Alliance
Main applications:

control of light and blinds, underfloor heating, exterior lighting, control of stream and well pumps, hall lighting, heating, fault and operating messages

Switches: 22 u::Lux Switches , 22 u::Lux AddOn Temp
Control: B-control

"We were able to convince the client of u::Lux by reducing the amount of buttons and switches."

"From the beginning the operator was impressed by the possibility of an individual adjustment (see Bavarian) and the structured operating concept."

"New employees intuitively understand how to use u::Lux Switch."


Highly-modern apartment

This dreamlike apartment with view on the Mondsee was built in 2011 and fascinates by its high-quality equipment. With loving attention to detail the owners have equipped the flat. In search of a suitable Smart-Home equipment, u::Lux in combination with a Beckhoff PLC was the first choice.

Implementing partner: u::Lux GmbH
Main applications:

light, shades, room temperature, control of inside and outside outlets

Switches: 16 u::Lux Switches , 1 u::Lux AddOn Temp
Cover frames: Gira Esprit glass white & black
Control: Beckhoff

"Apart from the unique design of the u::Lux Switch the decision-making criterion for the purchase was above all the flexibility of the light-control."

"In terms of price and performance it's currently the best system available!"

"Due to the PLC control used in the background it’s above all a secure system that leaves no wish unfulfilled."

"Building automation & design at the highest level!", according to Family Hubbauer




Two-family house with yodeling u::Lux Switch

"Hollarohdulljoh!"... a cheerful yodel guarantees laughing attacks among a family in Bavaria: They use the u::Lux Switch as kitchen timer – very nice idea.
But a yodel seldom comes alone. This is why our implementing partner Livingtec from Fürstenfeldbruck installed six other u::Lux Switches in the extended two-family house. Independently of one another the switches operate the Sonos audio system, shading, lighting and heating.

Implementing partner: Livingtec
Main applications:

Lighting, shading, room temperature, SONOS audio system

Switches: 7 u::Lux Switches
Cover frames: Gira
Control: Loxone

"It's great to control everything separately and independently from each other."

"Sought and found: ONE switch for several functions!"

"The u::Lux Switch is versatile and offers unlimited possibilities."

"The u::Lux Switch as kitchen timer with yodel sound is particularly funny."

"It was important for us that the u::Lux Switches are individually programmable."


Ferd Scheepers

Mr. Scheepers wants his semi-detached house slowly being automated with his own developed home automation solution. He has developed his home grown solution in JavaScript, running under node.js. The system is operating on a XenxServer, 11 vms of which one is running all the domotica stuff. The communication between all components is done via MQTT. Also a Vera Mios is connected, handling the Z-Wave devices. 

Implementing partner: Ferd Scheepers
Main applications:

Controlling of lights, the Sonos system, cameras, the heating (incl. measuring temperature), the server (uptime, UPS-status, etc) and the blinds. 

Switches: 1 u::Lux Switch
Control: Home-made solution JavaScript

"The sexy look and the ability to control all from one place were convincing!"

"I'm impressed by the ability to integrate the switch well into my solution."

"I managed to fully integrate all, including video, in less than 20 hours."


Münzing Chemie GmbH

For the Münzing Chemie GmbH, a highly regarded, privately owned specialty additive company, a new administration and technology building was constructed at the headquarters in Abstatt, Germany. The semi-circular and architecturally demanding building consists of 2 floors with full basement covering a total area of approx. 7000 square metres. For the implementation of the entire building automation in the field of heating/cooling, interior ventilation technology and sun-protection installations a smart building solution with u::Lux, combined with a Beckhoff-CX5020 control, was chosen. 

Implementing partner: Imtech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
Main applications:

Shading, window operators, room temperature, light, presence, "mini-control technology" - display of laboratory climate values / alarm messages / switching of laboratory instruments, etc.

Switches: 68 u::Lux Switches , 68 u::Lux AddOn Temp
Control: Beckhoff

"A clear advantage is the great versatility of the u::Lux Switch!"

"Convincing price/performance ratio in comparison with conventional room control units, despite the little higher engineering work!"

"It's a great possibility to give feedback to the user (acoustically and visually). e.g. displaying information and fault messages/wind alarm etc."


Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H. Transport und Logistik

Gebrüder Weiss is one of the leading transport and logistics companies in Europe. For the modernization and renovation of the four-storey building a smart building solution with u::Lux, combined with a Beckhoff control, was implemented. 

Implementing partner: AUTTEC Automationstechnologie für Gebäude GmbH
Main applications:

individual room control with fan coil units, control of the operating modes "Comfort", "Economy-Night" and "Protective Mode", actual temperature display, set temperature adjustment, step circuit Geko

Switches: 55 u::Lux Switches
Cover frames: Gira
Control: Beckhoff

"The decision in favor of u::Lux was made because it’s a freely configurable room control unit which can be adapted to the needs of the project or if necessary extended (e.g. light and shading control, etc.).”

“Speed and flexibility were convincing!”


BECKHOFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG

The Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG is one of the biggest german manufacturers of automation technology and implements open automation systems on the principle of PC-based control technology in the fields of industry and building automation. For the renovation of the showroom and the new training center at the headquarter of Beckhoff Automation Austria, a Smart-Building solution with u::Lux combined with a Beckhoff-CX5130 control was chosen.

Implementing partner: Frick Anlagenbau Bludenz
Main applications:

light, shading, air conditioning, multiroom-audio, beamer control, central-OFF, furniture roller blinds, RGB-LEDs

Switches: 5 u::Lux Switches
Cover frames: Gira Esprit glass white
Control: Beckhoff

“The most important factors to choose u::Lux were the high flexibility of the overall solution, the quick and simple expandability of the functions and Ethernet as modern communication standard.”

“We are overwhelmed by the proximity sensor, the compactness, the little space requirement in a standard flush-mounting and the freely definable display to indicate functions and information of any kind!”


Haribo Betriebs GmbH

For its location in Linz (Austria) the famous and worldwide known traditional brand HARIBO decided in favor of a u::Lux solution in conjunction with a Beckhoff control.

Implementing partner: ABM automation building messaging gmbh
Main applications:

 light, shades, room temperature

Switches: 11 u::Lux Switches , 9 u::Lux AddOn Temp
Cover frames: Gira E22
Control: Beckhoff
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